After Cisco’s acquisition of Tail-F, how does NetConf based management move forward?

| By Nivedha Sridhar
Sometimes, a major event focuses our attention on a broader issue and forces us to reevaluate the situation. The Cisco acquisition of Tail-F has done just that for the critical topic of network orchestration, where NetConf has shown promise in being one of the enabler technologies, especially in the north-bound API layer of SDN service orchestration. Tail-F has been a torchbearer in the NetConf arena paving the path for the blogosphere to be abuzz with commentary on the importance of network orchestration for service automation and of how the acquisition of a market leader might delay the realization of a cross vendor orchestration platform. Of two things, there is little doubt. First, that network orches…


| By Akila
Networked devices are increasing in number day by day. They are becoming both complex and varied. The pace of this change is accelerating along with new service classes, applications, expectations of the customers and network operators. The management of these devices also needs to rapidly advance along with these changes.Because we all know, Failure of networked devices can have devastating consequences!! Along with the evolution of Networking devices, the network management protocols too evolve. NETCONF is one such protocol that is slowly finding a prominent place in Network management space. Why NETCONF? NETCONF is an IETF standard that expedites the way in which devices in a network are configur…