Decode and demystify the data generated by tens of thousands of devices spread across varied geographical locations with energy dashboard in ATM site manager.  There are huge expense involved in running a single ATM and so banks outsource the maintenance and operation of ATM sites to third-party operators.

ATM site operators are struggling due to escalating operating expense. There are huge overheads involved in running a single ATM, and so it is even more challenging to efficiently manage all its supporting devices. Advanced analytics powered by WebNMS ATM site manager will enable opertaors to efficiently manage all the passive assets, to take better informed decisions.

WebNMS framework delivers business intelligence on how the ATMs are managed.  It enables the IT operators to explore and derive insights from the raw –data generated by  passive assets for  decision-making(  re-fuelling of the generators, replacement of battery etc). .

Quickly uncover new insights by viewing reports on:

  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly power consumption
  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly fuel level
  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly report on fuel usage
  • Report on DG and battery usage


Take proactive actions rather than reactive actions :

  • View alarms based on severity and drill down the information to demystify theft of fuel /power
  • Track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) effectively across sites/regions
  • Regulate and manage the fixed assets like AC, battery, lights from a central location
  • Fault sensors helps to discover the pain-point accurately and cuts down patrolling time

With these statistical figures, operators can improve productivity, optimize asset maintenance, improve uptime, reduce energy bills and improve profits.