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M2M | February 21, 2013 | 2 min read

M2M market is in growth trajectory in recent years, especially driven by increase in M2M awareness and need to develop new business models, reduce opex and improve customer satisfaction.  Designing and building applications to monitor tens of thousands of devices can be extremely costly, time consuming and difficult to scale. With market presence of more than 15 years and strong R&D division WebNMS M2M has forayed into M2M space with niche products like ATM Site Manager, Cell Tower Manager, Power Grid Monitoring and Road Infrastructure Manager.  Few more exciting M2M solutions are in our R&D pipeline, and the product portfolio will be extended in next few years.


The telecom sector is amongst the largest consumers of energy. As the cell tower sites and ATM sites are spreading rapidly across the country, they have also raised environmental concerns.

Adding to the environmental concerns, operators managing the infrastructures are hampered by escalating operating costs.  In fact, power and fuel costs account for more than 50 % of the operating expenditure, which is even more higher in grid-deficit areas of country were the infrastructures are completely dependent on DG sets. The successive price hikes of diesel and the likelihood of these prices being pegged to international market prices in the future, will further burden the operators.

Operators are shifting their focus in incorporating strategy for efficient management of these infrastructures to increase their margin. And recent developments and increasing awareness of the Internet of Things (IOT) enables the operators to connect, monitor and control the passive assets in the remote sites from a NOC.

WebNMS M2M tailor-made solutions empowers the service providers to implement the solution swiftly without any customization thus reducing the implementation time and complexity. Also, WebNMS framework supports customization of all the M2M solution based on each service provider’s requirements.

The niche solutions will focus on eliminating the pain-points and improving the profitability of managing the infrastructures in the sectors. WebNMS M2M niche solutions will  thus improve the rate of adoption and will churn the M2M space.

 WebNMS ATM Site Manager



 WebNMS Cell Tower Manager