WebNMS M2M celebrates this Earth Week to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Every year Earth Day  is celebrated on April 22nd, to mark burning concerns on  global warming , environmental degradation , and to alarm the responsibility of every individual, organization and society at large towards protecting  the environment. M2M technology tackles environmental issues by improving environmental performance of businesses.

Telecom towers have become one of the major consumers of diesel in the country. In India 5,00,000 telecom towers spanning across the country are responsible for 10 million tonnes  emission of carbon emission  annually. TRAI green telecom telecommunications programme  has imposed telecom operators   to reduce their greenhouse gas emission  5%  in the current financial year, with a 17% reduction target for 2019.

The green telecom programme mandates telecom products, equipment and services  to be certified with a “Green Passport” by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre by the year 2015.  Service providers should also deploy  energy efficient technologies and adopt  Renewable Energy Technology (RET) to reduce carbon footprints. Also, TRAI’s regulation to service providers to declare the carbon footprint of the network operations to TRAI twice a year has pressurized  telecom operators to look for viable solution.

Similarly, every ATM site in the country accounts for 2 Air conditioners, 10-12 CFL lights, UPS and the proliferation of number of ATMs in India raises environmental concerns and  ecological impact at large.

As the saying, ‘Rupee saved is Rupee earned’ ATM and telecom operators are looking for opportunity to save by eliminating wasteful expenditure and increasing ROI.To make  Earth Day into a day of action  requires technology changes in business processes. M2M solutions enables  remote monitoring of tens of thousands sites, improved security, efficient asset management and maintenance and reduces carbon footprint.

Celebrate earth day every day with  M2M solutions!!