WebNMS Platform

WebNMS M2M Platform


WebNMS M2M Platform provides cloud-based data integration and application development environment for rapidly building and implementing M2M applications for managing millions of connected devices in real-time.

WebNMS  M2M  Platform  enables enterprises to build M2M applications across the value-chain that suit their highly-specialized needs  and  it dramatically increases  the delivery time and lowers the cost of application development.

REST based open APIs facilitates to build wide range of M2M applications ranging from  remote monitoring and control, security ,energy management solutions,  fleet management, healthcare  applications etc with  minimal time and effort.

Custom protocol enables to configure any RTU(Remote Terminal Unit) with any devices and sensors. The device connectivity talks with the machines in standard protocols like RS 232/485, MODBUS, Smart-Bus, Zigbee, wifi etc  to fetch data and events from tens of thousands of devices, processes the raw data into valuable business information and communicates with operators by triggering alarm/notifications. Thus the raw-data from passive assets are translated into meaningful information for making proactive decisions, automated actions, and strategic analytics.

FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security) functional modules  yields a high degree of customization with minimal coding. WebNMS platform’s big data analytics enables to shape huge volume of unstructured data generated from sensors, RTU and lots more. Businesses can capitalize on data by forecasting trends and   patterns to make informed decisions and for fuelling exponential growth.

WebNMS Big Data emphases on three dimensions:

m2m dimensions

  • Magnitude – Channeling massive amount of data exploding from tens of thousands of RTU (remote terminal unit) across the remote sites.
  • Multiplicity – Analyzing varied forms of data and complex data types viz text, image, video etc.
  • Speed – The rate at which the data is being processed and delivered. Derive deep insights in real-time for M2M applications where information is sensitive and demands swift decision-making.