Brutal attack in Bangalore is an eye opener to the security lapses in ATM kiosks across the country.  Automated Teller Machine (ATMs) that has made our life so convenient with anytime anywhere access to cash is becoming insecure.  The rapid growth in ATMs has also lead to wider range of threats than ever.

Since the introduction of the ATMs, perpetrators have been inventing ways to rob the cash and ATM spams has multi-folded in recent years. Apart from the virtual attacks of card skimming and card trapping, physical attacks on the ATM machine and on the consumers are proliferating.  India holding the record for installing highest ATM in the World located at Nathu La Pass at 4023 meters above the sea level but also scoring high on crime rates at ATM sites.

ATM kiosks pose two potential safety and security issues,

  • Safety of  ATM machine itself
  • Threat to the customer who withdraws the money

More than 60 % of the ATM sites in the country doesn’t have CCTV camera, and more than 50% of the ATM Sites doesn’t have security guards. Even if RBI mandates the presence of security guards, still security issues can’t be tackled as most of the security guards nominated are frail and aged with poor physical health.

Deploying a camera or a security guard can assist in detecting a crime but they don’t guarantee that an ATM site is secured.

So what is the way out??

M2M Driven ATM Sites       

The only way out to these security issues is resorting to M2M technology. Banks must focus on the security of its consumer as the supreme interest by implementing remote monitoring solution across their ATM sites to resolve security issues.

M2M installed ATMs can achieve world-class availability, security, reduce field service visits, minimize system downtimes, and minimize operating costs. Operators are also directly alerted when a problem occurs, and can begin resolving it immediately from a remote location.

In case of physical attacks, vibration sensors installed in the machine raises an alarm and intimates the operator when breaking, drilling, or cutting of the safe are carried out.  Also anonymous closure of ATM shutter or any physical attacks on the consumer can be captured to raise alarm to the public, and also to the nearest police station.

Apart from the security, M2M assists the operators to overcome other bottlenecks mounting on them like energy management, fault management, rising operating costs, and reporting.  Optimized utilization of infrastructure, continuous network uptime, and reduced operating costs maximizes revenues for ATM operators.

About WebNMS ATM Site Manager

WebNMS with its extensive R&D has designed an out-of-box solution ATM Site Manager, a complete remote monitoring solution consisting of a RTU and WebNMS based central NMS for the management of ATMs.

WebNMS ATM Site Manager tightens the security at the ATM site, guarantees consumer safety, and also empowers operators to take centralized control of the networks. The RTU captures raw-data from the passive assets in ATM room, which are transformed into actionable insights, and displayed on the dashboard for proactive decision-making. The graphic dashboard provides an overview of recent alarms, real-time site footage, sensor status, power consumption pattern, etc.

WebNMS ATM Site Manager also increases the first-time-fix ratio as the field technician is already aware of the issue before he reaches the site.

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