“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”  Peter Drucker                                                                                                     

An interesting article from the Telegraph UK, titled ‘How many planes are there in the world right now?’ caught my attention. The answer was – approximately 23,600 (huge isn’t it). As per the statistics from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), aircrafts will carry nearly four billion passengers criss crossing the globe this year. These airlines have a humongous task of assuring safety of all these passengers travelling the skies. To ensure the safety of its passengers, all the airlines have an array of cutting edge software at their disposal to manage and maintain their fleet for optimal operations. A gamut of dials and knobs in the cockpit and in control rooms measure thousands of parameters from air pressure, temperature, humidity, altitude, speed and a whole lot more. Their immense level of visibility and control is the key to increasing safety and efficiency in this competitive business.

Contrast this to business owners who have to manage logistics on the asphalt. Transportation / logistics is a cog in the wheel for most businesses today. But a breakdown or an unforeseen maintenance issue causes tangible losses in terms of delayed/missed deliveries, damaged goods, and perceived customer dissatisfaction and might even spell disaster with a severe impact on the business revenue. Whether it is a few trucks or dozens of commercial vehicles doing the job, having the same level of visibility and control over their fleet is now becoming possible with the connected technologies of today.

Connected vehicles share information on their condition, health, performance, location, etc. Analytics on real-time vehicle data allow driver behavior observation and alerting on incidents. Specific parameters that are needed to ensure the condition of the goods delivered like temperature, pressure, vibration levels, etc. can be monitored to assure best service outcomes.

Leveraging technology to connect business owners with data driven operations and data enabled decisions is the key function of WebNMS Fleet Management Solution. It empowers the business owner with round the clock visibility,  reliable data for decisions, and streamlined operations. WebNMS Fleet Management Solution is the fuel for efficient operations of the fleet.