M2M Enabled Green Telecom Towers

Infographics-Green Telecom

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Transforming Business Process with M2M Platform

After the first wave of wireless revolution of where people were connected, in the second wave machine to machine (M2M) technology enables communication between devices and they are advancing into our daily lives.

M2M applications have the potential to transform …

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M2M for a Smarter Life!!

Visualize a smarter life where all the devices in our life are woven together. Imagine a situation where the coffee machine can talk to the mobile and keep the coffee ready when we wake –up based on the alarm set. …

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From Internet to Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet has turned 30! In this 30th anniversary the numbers of internet users worldwide are expected to touch 2.2 billion according to a Forrester research report.   In the past few decades internet has changed the world: it has transformed …

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How M2M saves Artic?

All forms of electricity generation have certain level of environmental impact and on an average a KiloWatt (KW) of energy production accounts for an estimated emission of 300g of CO2. The most distressing problem is the emission of greenhouse gases …

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