Reshaping the Hospitality Industry with IoT

As new technologies are being implemented across the sectors, the notion of IoT is striding towards hospitality industry as well. For a chain of restaurants, with the growing number of outlets there is a strong need to network their operations …

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The Rise of the Internet of Things


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Machine-to-Machine: How does it work ?


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CASE STUDY: Remote Fault Indication with Bi-directional Communication


SunElectric saves INR 9.5 lacs annually against an investment of INR 48 lacs and reduces outages due to faults by 75% with WebNMS PowerGrid monitoring solution


FPI Adoption

Power and utilities companies are reinventing their business environment with M2M …

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Happy Innovation Day-February 16, 2014!

IOT (Internet Of Things) is being lauded as one of the top 10 tech trends of 2014, with industry analysts estimating it next frontier for technology innovation and new product development. Here are reasons why your business must innovate, and

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