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WebNMS Integrates Google Maps in M2M solutions

How it would be if you can view the status of your tens of thousands of sites/devices across the globe in a single view?

google map view
WebNMS adds location intelligence and enhances monitoring visuality by integrating google map with all  its M2M …

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Constructing a GREEN Economy with M2M Technology!!

WebNMS M2M celebrates this Earth Week to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Every year Earth Day  is celebrated on April 22nd, to mark burning concerns on  global warming , environmental degradation , and to alarm the responsibility of …

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M2M Enabled Green Telecom Towers

Infographics-Green Telecom

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Transforming Business Process with M2M Platform

After the first wave of wireless revolution of where people were connected, in the second wave machine to machine (M2M) technology enables communication between devices and they are advancing into our daily lives.

M2M applications have the potential to transform …

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M2M for a Smarter Life!!

Visualize a smarter life where all the devices in our life are woven together. Imagine a situation where the coffee machine can talk to the mobile and keep the coffee ready when we wake –up based on the alarm set. …

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