ATMs to go Green and Smart !

ATM Monitoring | February 20, 2013 | 1 min read

ATMs over- lit with conventional lights plus high-capacity ACs running 24X7  have  become an area of concern for reducing environmental impact.According to the Nationa lPayments Corporation of India (NPCI), the number of ATMs in India has crossed the one lakh mark. Also financial inclusion scheme is expected to strengthen number of ATMs per million population  to about 170 ATMs from 85.

Typical ATMs (power consumption – 300 to 600 W) plus their air conditioning would result in monthly electricity bills to approximately INR 7,000-10,000.  ATM sites located in rural-areas and operating during mid-night in urban-areas suffer hefty electricity bills and cause pollution despite lower usage.

ATMs can be made green and smart with WebNMS ATM Site Manager. Banks and ATM operators can save more than 40% on electricity bills by switching-on the lights based on door entry timer. Air conditioner in ATMs need not run 24X7 and can be controlled based on temperature.

Smart ATMs will SMS the operators to notify fault conditions thus ensuring proactive troubleshooting and uptime. Apart from savings of recurring costs to the bank and ATM operators, the solution helps in reducing the carbon footprint impacting the quality of life of society at large.