Technology that connects Anything, Anywhere

M2M | February 20, 2013 | 1 min read

The M2M is deployed not just to connect remote devices to be monitored, for providing real-time information. The communication chips can be embedded in everyday objects and the evolving wireless evolution connects everything from people, plants, and buildings to lovable pets.

Wireless systems on garden will measure the temperature and humidity. Moisture sensor, fertilizer sensor and sunlight sensor will alert for watering, when sunlight/shade is required and when the soil runs short of nutrients.

Tiny chips on the people allows tracking of children, elderly and housebound people. M2M is also becoming an integral part of patient care, helping to reduce costs as well as save lives. Health-monitoring devices will enable the physicians to monitor patients information in real-time.

Smart bridges and buildings are evolving to monitor structural integrity, and alerts on early cracks, corrosion, maintenance thus improves safety and averts collapse.

Pet tracking enables the owners to monitor the location and health of the pet. It sends real-time information of the pet’s activity: where it is, whether it has walked enough, when vaccination has to be done etc.

Internet connecting people is transforming to internet of things for well-being of individuals and communities.M2M technology will contribute to build a sustainable, connected and smart world in coming years!!