How M2M saves Artic?

M2M | March 27, 2013 | 1 min read

All forms of electricity generation have certain level of environmental impact and on an average a KiloWatt (KW) of energy production accounts for an estimated emission of 300g of CO2. The most distressing problem is the emission of greenhouse gases at the cost of the ecological balance of our planet.

According to US National Snow and Ice Data Center, arctic sea ice extent for December 2012 remained far below average.  Average monthly ice extent for December 1979 to 2012 shows an accelerated decline of -3.5(+/-0.6)% per decade.


In the present scenario, where Private and Public banks in India are gearing up  with intensive measures to achieve greater financial inclusion by expanding rural and semi-urban ATM networks to addition of over 1 lakh ATMs in the next two-four years.  Every ATM site accounts for 2 Air conditioners, 10-12 CFL lights, UPS and the proliferation of number of ATMs in India raises environmental concerns and   ecological impact at large.

ATM Power Consumption  Demystified
Total Number of ATMs in India (as on October 2012)                      – 1, 04, 500
Estimated  energy consumption per ATM                                         – 400 watt
Estimated total energy consumption in all ATMs                            – 41800 KW
Estimated energy to be saved by M2M solution (per month)     – 50 % – 20900 KW
Total reduction in carbon emission (per month)                             – 6.2 tonnes
Total reduction in carbon  emission  (per year)                               – 74.4 tonnes

A technological solution like M2M paves way to improve business processes while maintaining environmental sustainability.  Implementation of remote monitoring solution across ATMs will improve energy efficiency and stopover 74.4 tonnes of carbon emission for a year.