M2M for a Smarter Life!!

M2M | March 27, 2013 | 2 min read

Visualize a smarter life where all the devices in our life are woven together. Imagine a situation where the coffee machine can talk to the mobile and keep the coffee ready when we wake –up based on the alarm set. Once we drink coffee, the coffee machine talks to geyser to warm the water.

As we step out of our home, the car reminds to replace the battery, turning lights and AC  off automatically. As we drive the car, the car alerts on low fuel level and provides us driving guidance and tips for fuel conservation. Also the car need not stop at the toll gates, the amount will be automatically deducted from the pre-paid card. In case, when we are met with an accident, the car automatically makes a call to the nearest ambulance and notifies our dear ones.

The billboards along the roads will be tailored to display advertisement based on our lifestyle and interests, and   hot offers from nearby malls will pop-up as we pass-by. Similarly a wearable device will transmit the readings of heart rate to the practioners’ smartphone.

Our refrigerator will sense out -of-stock of milk, vegetables and eggs and will place order in the grocery store. The smart meters will alerts us when energy consumption reaches a predefined threshold are reached and will provide guidelines to save on hefty energy bills.

And driving back to home, we can switch on the AC to keep the room cool. As we enter our home our dog will alert for a walk, and on the way to the park we will receive notifications that it has to be vaccinated. Plants in our garden will push notification to water them and for sufficient sunshine or nutrients.

M2M technology enables innovative applications to optimize process, reduce cost,  and has the potential to transform every sector of business and society.