The rapid growth in ATMs have made our life easy but it is not so for operators who manages it. ATMs are not owned by banks rather they are outsourced to managed service providers (MSPs) from purchasing to maintaining the machines. Many factors like the maintenance, cash replenishment, security and the passive assets In the ATM rooms are responsible for keeping the ATM active.


Typically, an ATM site consists of anywhere between 8 – 12 passive assets which include two air conditioners, two illuminated signage boards, an inverter/ UPS, a security camera and at least 8 – 12 light bulbs.

Currently, since the security and passive assets in ATM rooms are managed manually it results in greater physical interaction, increases the downtime and thus shrinks the profit margin of ATM operators. These MSPs are obliged to make sure that every ATM sites are up as costs of downtime are too high.  With rising overheads ATM operators struggle to pass on the cost and so are looking for a reliable remote monitoring solution to revitalize ATM Maintenance.

WebNMS with its extensive R&D  offers out-of- box solution  WebNMS ATM Site  Manager, a complete remote monitoring solution for ATMs that captures data in real-time and enables the operators to manage and take control of ATM sites from a remote location.

Centralization is the key feature as it enables to monitor the entire network from a single console. For instance, an operator seated in Chennai can switch off an A/C in a particular ATM room in Srinagar. WebNMS ATM Site Manager offers alerting, analytics, fault management and energy management.

The raw-data from the passive assets in ATM room are transformed into actionable intelligence, and are displayed on the dashboard for proactive decision-making. WebNMS ATM Site Manager offers a clean graphic dashboard that provides an overview of recent alarms, sensor status, power consumption pattern, humidity, temperature, etc. for effective  and rapid decision making . Similarly the enhanced reporting capability enables the IT administrators to examine and review all of its configurations from a centralized location.

It uses SNMP and a number of standard protocols like HTTP, RS 232/485, MODBUS etc  to integrate with passive assets and gather the data on a centralized server. Open APIs enables to comprehensively fetch data from any passive assets and proactively alert on security breaches via e-mail and SMS to the right person thus helps to remediate them. Optimized passive infrastructure utilization, continuous network uptime and reduced operating costs maximize the revenue of ATM operators from each ATM site.

WebNMS ATM Site Manager is built on WebNMS Framework, which is a highly scalable telecom network management product deployed more than 25,000 times telecom service providers world-wide to manage their telecom networks.  WebNMS M2M Solutions stands out from the crowd of other M2M applications providers with well integrated RTU and a central NMS.