How it would be if you can view the status of your tens of thousands of sites/devices across the globe in a single view?

google map view
WebNMS adds location intelligence and enhances monitoring visuality by integrating google map with all  its M2M solutions ( ATM Site Manager, Cell Tower Manager, Power Grid Monitoring Solution and Road Infrastructure Manager).  It enables to integrate Google Maps and place the sites on the maps according to the geographic distribution.

The site status of a site can be viewed in a popup by clicking on the site balloons on the Google Map. Moreover the site location on this popup redirects to site snapshot page containing sensor status, power source, power consumption pattern, fuel level, weather, humidity etc.,

Now the  operators/IT administrators can  get a comprehensive understanding of how distributed the site/device really is. With this graphical view alert notifications and alarm count of sites in multiple geographical locations across the globe can be viewed. Thus it empowers IT administrators to pinpoint issues and resolve the same in various site across the globe with a more visual touch.