Happy Innovation Day-February 16, 2014!

Uncategorized | February 16, 2014 | 2 min read

IOT (Internet Of Things) is being lauded as one of the top 10 tech trends of 2014, with industry analysts estimating it next frontier for technology innovation and new product development. Here are reasons why your business must innovate, and we tell you how WebNMS M2M platform can help you to achieve it!

  • Improved utilization of physical assets

Connected assets collect data, monitor and analyze data from devices and relay that information in real-time to a central management system thus opening new opportunities for business efficiency and agility. WebNMS M2M solutions helps you to link smart devices such  as power grid, datacenter, ATM, Cell Tower, homes, and a myriad of other physical assets, so that they can be controlled and can receive a data stream from one another or from conventional computing environments.

  • Organizations should seriously initiate pilot projects now to exploit the coming opportunities

Gartner believes that IOT will evolve from a niche area into a mainstream activity in the next three years. WebNMS M2M platform assists organizations to deploy wide range of M2M applications in few days and unlocks real business benefits. A rich set of APIs enables seamless integration of any devices with any protocol.


  • Mobile M2M-centric applications

Over the years, mobile has also started to impact other industries and verticals, thus renovating the respective value chains and revenue streams. Operators are increasingly looking for ways to target specific industries such as energy, healthcare, logistics and transportation, security, smart metering and fleet management by putting M2M at the center of their value propositions. WebNMS M2M solutions also comes in Mobile Apps for your   smartphone. With these handy Apps you can  access your devices  and control them anytime, anywhere.

  • Green Energy

The need for environment-friendly solutions is at an all-time high. With increasing pressure from government target to cut carbon emissions, the retort will be to find innovative technologies that can get the job done using lesser power.  WebNMS M2M  leaps forward in energy savings  and optimize the energy performance of buildings. WebNMS Solar Farm Manager, and WindMill Manager improves energy production.

For both consumers and industries, M2M presents many new opportunities for innovations that leverage real-time data collection and analytics.