The Indian market has always been receptive to new technologies, the reason Information Technology and IT sales and services channels catapulted into fast growth in the past 2 decades. At present, in the wake of digitization across industries and technologies like IoT, ML, AI, AR and the likes gaining impetus, it is time channel players leveraged them to offer customers connected and enhanced solutions and services.

According to a latest report by Precsient and Strategic Intelligence, the digital transformation market in India is expected to reach 710 billion by 2024 with a CAGR of 74.7% during the forecast period. According to the report, the Indian services sector will benefit maximum with the surge of the connected technologies.

This implies that the application of Information technology has moved past IT control rooms, computers, servers and networks. We are talking about the ‘Bigger Picture’ here! Digital transformation connotes maximizing the potential of data garnered from across the enterprise to improve efficiencies and maximizing returns. With the steady rise in demand for data driven operations and cost optimization across various industries like manufacturing, retail, energy, automotive, fleet and logistics, etc, there is rise in demand for solution/service providers who could help achieve the business’ digital transformation goals. WebNMS aims to empower the technology service and solution providers with the best in class IoT platform and market ready solutions congruent to customer requirements. IoT could be the door to creating newer revenue streams, offering value added services for customers and expanding into new market segments.

Why WebNMS?

Just as IoT is revolutionizing the way data is adding value to business operations across the globe, the Indian market is also reaping benefits from IoT powered insightful solutions.

The million dollar question for the Indian channel players has long been ‘how to start with the IoT journey and from where. Most times the solution developers are hung on dilemma of having to build solutions from the scratch or adopt and deploy ready-made solutions in a short turnaround time. Building solutions from the scratch can help achieve the granular needs of the client, but it would consume a lot of time and resource and would need exceptional domain expertise to scale. Buying a ready-made solution can sometimes not prove to solve the actual challenges of the customer. So how does one solve this lag and bridge the gap?

WebNMS aims to bridge this gap and help SIs offer customized solutions for their customers within a very short turnaround. The industry specific solutions are customizable to suit the granular challenges and built to cater to very specific needs of the customer. Over the past few years of studying the Indian IoT services market, we gather that there is lack of enough information and complexity in IoT frameworks that is stalling the adoption and deployment. What channel players need is a easy to adopt and deploy framework that requires zero or minimal coding.

WebNMS offers niche, vertical specific solutions engineered for distinct demands of individual players. Besides having a platform built with integrated capabilities, WebNMS has a gamut of market ready solutions for Manufacturing industry, Energy Management, asset monitoring and fleet and logistics management. These solutions require zero/minimal coding and can be easily integrated to the existing infrastructure.

IoT solutions involve a good amount of hardware devices/sensors and a software layer to get, process, store and make the most of IoT data. WebNMS platform serves as the fulcrum facilitating an easy hardware/ software integration and seamless data communication across the network. As an SI, the player can rest assured that data and operable technology is taken care of while, they can focus on offering best services to their customers and stick to the SLAs.

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