WebNMS, the leading global IoT platform & solution provider, will showcase its ‘platform + ecosystem’ portfolio of IoT Experience at GITEX Technology Week 2019, designed to empower Middle East organizations for the next big leap towards digital tomorrow.

At GITEX Technology Week 2019, visitors will experience WebNMS’ transformative IOT platform and solutions for various verticals including Industrial IoT, Fleet and Logistics, Energy, Utilities, Smart CitiesSmart Facilities, etc. Among 4800+ exhibiting start-ups to global enterprise, learn how WebNMS showcases cutting-edge new solutions and collaboration with industry-leading partners for innovative IoT deployments.

Highlight this year: “WebNMS Industrial IoT Solution”

For a Smart factory, it is vital to monitor machines and processes in real time as well as ensure optimal performance to improve production. Increased visibility and better insights on the health of the machine is also critical in order to detect anomalies and fix issues proactively.

WebNMS IIoT solution delivers unprecedented visibility on Asset-wise, Shop-wise, Building-wise monitoring of asset performance, OEE measurement and improvement, energy usage, production/assembly line monitoring and analytical insights in these industrial contexts by utilizing the WebNMS IoT Platform capabilities in real-time data acquisition, processing, analytics and machine learning.

Walk to Hall 8 – B2 and…

  • Meet the team, talk to the experts and discover how our innovation brings technology, businesses and people together through WebNMS IoT Platform
  • Unlock WebNMS IIoT Solution for Industry 4.0 in the Middle East
  • Experience upgraded IoT Platform that specializes in DAQ & Data Processing, Device Management, Real Time Monitoring & Alerting, Advanced Analytics, Enterprise-Grade Security and Cross Enterprise Data Integration and much more
  • Know how WebNMS IoT platform plays a key role in helping businesses achieve application connectivity and evolve their ever-changing IoT business goals
  • Experience the technological strength we possess with our advanced Energy Management, Fleet Management & Remote Asset Management Solutions
  • Explore LIVE and hands on experience of vertical specific IoT Solutions with our product specialists
  • With five full days of live product demos, see how our scalable, flexible and customizable solutions promises to give your enterprise a digital transformation
  • Unleash the true potential of IoT by using our technology and your expertise by joining our partner ecosystem

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Delivering a superior IoT experience that today’s enterprises demand requires meeting their expectations at every touchpoint – physical and digital. Enterprises demand  seamless experiences that bring together machines and processes, advanced analytics and people to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze real-time sensor data to deliver meaningful insights.

This year at GITEX, WebNMS will showcase multiple real-time use cases. We are working with our customers and partners around the world to deliver flexible, future-proof IoT solutions that meet customer expectations in today’s fast-moving digital world.

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