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Carrier Ethernet is on the fast lane to growths thanks to its compelling capabilities. In order to be able to efficiently support the management needs of the Carrier Ethernet networks and services, WebNMS offers Carrier Ethernet Solution. It is an intelligent monitoring and management solution for the next generation Carrier Ethernet services. It meets the monitoring needs of simple L2 VPNs to advanced MPLS connections.

Added to the comprehensive WebNMS features, the Carrier Ethernet Solution provides additional custom features that simplify provisioning, OAM integration and provides insightful performance reports.

The image below represents the Carrier Ethernet SDN Solution functionality & architecture:

Carrier Ethernet & MPLS Solution with Big Data & SDN Support

          Carrier Ethernet & MPLS Solution with Big Data & SDN Support

Given below are some of the solution highlights:

  • Vendor-independent framework that supports SDN networks
  • The HTML5/AJAX based UI provides features such as topo-maps with 3D view, OAM reporting dashboards and KPI scorecards
  • Cloud based portal for customers using the service to see usage statistics and performance metrics
  • Pre-built templates for multiple features including service provisioning
  • CE specific APIs enable easy customization
  • Vendor specific adapters that allow quick integration of new vendor switches
  • Being a framework, it provides plugin options for any vendor specific MIBs
  • Allows you to customize/add additional features or business logic depending on your business with simple code
  • CE solution offers service providers an extensive set of configurable options that in-turn reduce the operational errors

The natural outcomes of WebNMS’ Carrier Ethernet OAM solution are shorter time-to-market, easy provisioning of new services, end-to-end OAM & performance monitoring, and a more cost-effective, scalable and resilient network. It enables better control over networks with flow-through automation, real-time QoS performance and bandwidth monitoring that accelerates time-to-market and helps deliver on the promised Service Level Agreements.

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