WebNMS | June 26, 2013 | 2 min read
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Networked devices are increasing in number day by day. They are becoming both complex and varied. The pace of this change is accelerating along with new service classes, applications, expectations of the customers and network operators. The management of these devices also needs to rapidly advance along with these changes.Because we all know, Failure of networked devices can have devastating consequences!!

Along with the evolution of Networking devices, the network management protocols too evolve. NETCONF is one such protocol that is slowly finding a prominent place in Network management space.


NETCONF is an IETF standard that expedites the way in which devices in a network are configured using a highly scalable, XML-based, machine-to-machine protocol! NETCONF caters to the need for automated configuration management in modern enterprise and carrier networks. The consistency of configuration across all the devices connected in the network is ensured by NETCONF. It was designed to tackle the limitations of the already existing practices and protocols for configuration management.

NETCONF support in WebNMS

WebNMS thrives to keep the framework flexible. The neutrality with respect to protocols eliminates the limitations of the network designer! Understanding the diverse needs of the customer, WebNMS supports the “New kid in town” protocols to those popular decades before!! It’s clearly evident that not all players in the communications industry are going to follow a single protocol!

So what specifically does WebNMS do with NETCONF?

Auto Discovery

Discovery of NETCONF devices are performed by WebNMS using the APIs with discovery filters, which allows the efficient management of network topology that contains heterogeneous protocols.

Superior Device Modeling

NETCONF devices are modeled as managed entities and managed by WebNMS. The device models are defined using Yang models and this enables management entities to understand the configuration and state data.

Experience Robust Configuration!

WebNMS is capable of vendor neutral multi-protocol configuration. It has a scalable architecture performing actions like, Rollback on error, which prevents erroneous operations and improves integrity. “Configuration tasks” can be created using Configuration module which supports NETCONF protocol. These tasks are transactional according to the NETCONF specifications

Detect, Alert and Resolve Problems!

NETCONF devices intimate any Configuration changes, errors or faults by sending notifications to the management system. This “Notification-subscription” capability can be used to listen to NETCONF notification streams thereby allowing Fault management.

Eliminate the possibilities of security threat

The secure monitoring and management of NETCONF servers are ensured by triple A security of authentication or identities. All the changes in configuration are audited in WebNMS.

Enhance your network performance by monitoring  KPIs

In WebNMS, rather than getting just notified about a problem, you can activate the thresholds triggering alerts when the defined thresholds are violated.It facilitates meeting customer expectations. Performance Monitoring is achieved by fetching performance metrics captured as state data in NETCONF devices

Hundreds of customers use WebNMS Framework to cater their network management needs, mainly due to its multi-protocol support and feature richness. Supporting NETCONF will further help equipment vendors and carriers to build Network management solutions quickly. It helps the vendors to choose the network design of their choice and leaves the rest to WebNMS framework, which ensures efficient management of the network!!