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Service providers face a lot of competition and customer satisfaction plays the key role in differentiating the service. Meeting the assured SLAs and the customer seeing that on his own increases the credibility of your business. A well-Informed Customer is always the most satisfied one. WebNMS offers customer portal which gives them the information of what, when and how of their network’s performance!

WebNMS customer portal facilitates your customer to view all the information related to their network’s performance in a consolidated view. It provides a drill down view about the network bandwidth usage. All the stats and reports of your Carrier Ethernet and MPLS services can be accessed with the help of this portal.Get ready to delight your customers as our portal allows you to run survey among the customers and know their specific desires!

WebNMS Customer portal has SLA Reports view where the customer can view the reports on various parameters like Alarms, Threshold Violation, Jitter Trend, frame Loss etc. This improves customer satisfaction, as they can know on their own that the assured SLAs are met by you! It also gives the customers a clearer understanding about their traffic pattern. The Customer portal offers multiple views; portal administrator view enables to view information regarding each customer and facilitates effective management. The customers can view individual SLA reports for each of the service configured.

Your customers can now look at the status of their VPN services and know where exactly the problem lies! In the same way, the status and health of all the Ethernet Virtual connections (EVC) can be viewed using the EVC manager.

Provisioning manager serves as a single stop for the customer where they can request a new service, modify the existing service attributes etc. The customers can even raise queries and the network administrators can attend to their queries promptly.What more? Now customers can utilise the customisation option to suit their diverse needs. Customers can define access level and roles within their administrators. They can include users, create groups, create reports and collaborate efficiently

Instead of offering just offering the data, the customer portal generates Insightful Graphs, which gives meaningful information to the customer and increases their clarity on the performance of their network.
The Best Part about the WebNMS Customer Portal is that it helps your customers to understand the network performance in a single glance and provides them Real time insights!

Customer is King; Don’t you think they deserve to know?!