Your Secret Sauce to Make Customer Service Smarter

You’ve probably heard it a million times, especially since you’re running a product business. That’s how critical it is – you either make or lose business on how you engage your customers and the way you’re running it might soon

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Integrating Legacy Tech on the Internet of Enterprise

Every enterprise is a brownfield scenario. Many legacy devices, especially those used in commercial and industrial applications, tend to have long life-spans. Existing device/tech haystack, in an enterprise, makes up 85 percent of all devices (IMS research), all of which

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US defense lab choose WebNMS Symphony Orchestration Platform to dynamically provision VPLS services

“The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has been pushing hard to automate its data center operations to free up staff to work on more difficult challenges,‚Äč according to Jack Wilmer, infrastructure development executive at DISA. Speaking at the

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How Network Operators Can Close the Agility Gap

IT workload migration from the enterprise data center to remote, cloud data centers, increasing IT mobility, and remote management for the Internet of Things (IoT) all drive the need for assured network services for business-critical communications.

Assured network services offer …

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1 Month, 2 Continents, 4 Shows: How We Managed the March Madness!


This season, it wasn’t just March Madness at the NCAA tournament, we had quite our share too! Exhibiting back-to-back at two expos, the month of March had us on our toes and WebNMS left no stone unturned in shooting at

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After Cisco’s acquisition of Tail-F, how does NetConf based management move forward?

Sometimes, a major event focuses our attention on a broader issue and forces us to reevaluate the situation. The Cisco acquisition of Tail-F has done just that for the critical topic of network orchestration, where NetConf has shown promise in …

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