Be an ATM Superpower


In many developing countries ATMs are taken for granted, but the commonality or lack of it are used as parameters to measure the economic stability of developing countries. A recent IMF report specifies that ATMs are signposts of a growing

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The Energy Commandments


As the 10th anniversary of the Earth Hour approaches, the climatic change is at a precarious tipping point. While the switching off of non-essential lights at home, historical sites and famous landmarks had its share of glory and benefits, …

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A Cambrian Explosion in IoT evolution




Studying the fossil record, evolutionary biologists have theorized an event called the Cambrian explosion. During a relatively short period, the diversity of animal life seems to have rapidly increased from predominately single-cell organisms to a much wider variety …

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The United Nations has declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. In an alternate Telecom universe, ‘Pulses’ could denote everything that ‘Service Orchestration’ stands for. There are quite many parallels between both. For example, Pulses play a key role …

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5 Ways in which IoT can boost your business



With an expected threefold increase in the end point IoT devices by 2020 it is inevitable that there would be hardly a business that has not seen the presence of IoT within their domain. Yet the ideal offering of …

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