The Energy Commandments

WebNMS | March 19, 2016 | 1 min read
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As the 10th anniversary of the Earth Hour approaches, the climatic change is at a precarious tipping point. While the switching off of non-essential lights at home, historical sites and famous landmarks had its share of glory and benefits, it’s time we think ahead. It’s time to stretch the energy conservation goals and aim for better results. While it may not be possible to switch off the lights all around the year, we can sure give the energy conservation the precedence it deserves.

Industrial sector is the biggest consumer of energy and inevitably there is where most of the energy wastage happens. From Predictive Maintenance to Resource Optimization there are a lot of areas where energy wastage can be easily reduced through technologies such as IoT. For growing greener renewable energy sources, IoT and the assorted sensors offer a chance to tackle the rising challenges such as scalability and inefficiency through a centralized Platform that can monitor, control and improve performance of assets. An integrated IoT Platform can be the Energy Champion for businesses to enhance their energy usage, do their part for the environment and achieve their business goals.

A remote plant continuously monitored, A smart street light that acts intuitive and A Smart Meter at home – let the energy revolution start with these simple yet firmer steps.  Let us start this earth hour by swearing in to the 10 Energy Commandments.