Be an ATM Superpower

WebNMS | April 29, 2016 | 2 min read
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In many developing countries ATMs are taken for granted, but the commonality or lack of it are used as parameters to measure the economic stability of developing countries. A recent IMF report specifies that ATMs are signposts of a growing economy. They act as indicators of access to usage of financial services by general populace which is a critical attribute for economic growth. In a way ATMs along with financial data are vital in measuring the country’s economic progress

 In developing countries with growing population the necessity for ATM sites has risen dramatically. In addition to this the uneven distribution of population demands ATMs in many remote sites. This explosion in the number of ATMs combined with extensively distributed locations has led to arising complexities in managing ATM sites. This includes complex maintenance schedules, security concerns, reduced operational efficiency and Site visibility. The decentralized structure has been the root cause of many operational inefficiencies creeping in, which reflects in bottomline being reduced thereby decreasing profitability from ATM operations. In the face of ATMs at remote sites being a critical necessity for economic growth, it becomes imperative that well maintained and secure ATMs  become the norm and expand in number.

 To counter these critical challenges, the main requirement for ATM operators is a centralized and robust solution, which enables them to monitor and control their entire ATM network from a single console. Imagine the perfect ATM setup wherein you have a virtual third eye over your remote sites with 24*7 live feeds of the ATMs.   An army of sensors relaying data and triggering alerts in real time, keep the operators updated on every occurrence at the site from skimming threats to faulty assets to security breaches. The resources are monitored and optimized according to their usage. The proactive maintenance of passive assets helps avoid expensive breakdowns. The time of tedious monitoring of ATMs is a thing of the past, the new technological advancements lets you simplify the complex ATM Management scenario. 

 Here is to Safer ATMs and Growing Economies